Top 10 Reasons to get a Toller


Top Ten Reasons Why We Have Tollers.

By Laurie Geyer  

10. Their natural drip-dry coat, beautiful and low maintenance.

9. Lower incidence of health problems.

8. Their watch-dog abilities without being barky at other times.

7. Natural hunting abilities easier for someone like me who doesn’t spend much time training.

6. Smart--easily motivated by food, toys, anything that moves.

5. Perfect size.

4. Ability to communicate in many ways with us humans. 

3. World’s best mood-lifter. If you have a Toller to toss a toy at you, then do a flying pounce andcome bouncing back for another toss, you just have to share their joy of life.

2. Versatile and adaptable / able to go from couch potato to screaming retriever in mere seconds.

1. When they look into your eyes, you know they love you, (or maybe they  are hungry, or want to go outside, or you have hidden the ball again)..

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