Health Questions

As a potential Toller owner there are questions you should be asking when enquiring about a healthy happy puppy:


Ask the breeder to show you copies of their adult dogs health clearances. This should include all the health issues that are currently available for the toller breed in the UK which are:

  • Hip scores (adult dogs are scored once as young adults as part of the KC/BVA scheme)
  • Eye tests (adult dogs in a breeding programme should be tested annually) PLEASE NOTE : Unaffected on this certificate means that the dog is clinically clear of PRA at the time of testing & does not mean the dog will never develop PRA.
  • Genetic tests - PRA, CEA/CH and DM (which are done once during a dog's life. Results will be either Clear, Carrier or Affected


Socialisation / habituation

How have the puppies been raised in the right environment? In the home learning about things like washing machines, vacuum cleaners, the hustle and bustle of life in the family home.

Your potential puppy should have experienced different environments (rooms / garden within the home) Different types of people, children. Other dogs (within the home owned by the breeder)

Ask the breeder how often the puppies have been vet checked?  Have they been wormed? what vaccinations will they have.

Ask they type of food the puppies are being fed, a good breeder will have information to give you when you collect your puppy regarding meals / worming / health issues.

Can you see mum? If you wish can you see other members of the bitches relatives.

Ask if the puppies have been / will be registered with the Kennel Club? Make sure the documentation for handover of ownership will be handed to you when collecting your puppy.

Ask if there are any restrictions placed on the litter, some breeders put restrictions on breeding and leaving the country me being one.

If you are hoping for a HWYADEN puppy you will also be asked to sign a sales contract stating that if for any reason the dog should need re-homing the purchaser will return the animal to the breeder.

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