Serens test results

Serens Results


CDDY Test 2021 N/N Normal Clear

CEA/CH  Test 2021 Normal Clear

PRA  Test 2021 Normal Clear

BVA HIP DYSPLASIA   Test 2021 5 - 3 = 8

BVA ELBOW DYSPLASIA Test  2021  0 -1 = 1 *.

JADD Hereditary Clear.

DM  Test 2021 Normal Clear

DE Test  - Hereditary Clear

Cleft Palate (CP1) Test 2021 Normal Clear

 BVA/KCAI/ISDS  Eye Examination Test 2021

Normal / Clear


 * From the Kennel Club website:

Breeding advice

Ideally dogs with grade 0 elbows should be chosen for breeding and dogs with a score of 2 or 3 should not be used for breeding.It is also recommended that elbow scores of a dogs family members should also be considered.


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